Cashew Dryer Machine

Cashew Dryers

We are the manufacturer and provider of high-quality Cashew drier that has prime quality ovens that are multi -purpose because it may be used not only for the aim of baking cashews except for different functions like raisins, mango, jack fruits, sweet cakes and additionally workplace things. so as to bake the cashews, we tend to follow the procedure within which a hot current is circulated within the kitchen appliance victimization varied blowers and thus all cashews are baked equally. The receptacle and different necessary components are powder coated.

Cashew Dryer Machine Manufacturers in India

Product Details

Capacity – 0 Kg to above 500 kg
Motor Power – 5 hp
Number of Trays for various capacities
12, 24, 48, 96, 192 Trays Drier
Power – 4 kW
Minimum Order Quantity – 1 Unit


• High performance
• Long working life
• Minimum maintenance