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Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

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Copper Heat Exchanger  ↓

Copper heat exchangers are more effective than shell and tube exchangers for low stream rates. Because of their basic development they are low in cost and simple to clean on the shell side. Their warm effectiveness approximates that of a genuine countercurrent stream compose exchanger. Condenserors are utilized for buildup of vapors and cooling of fluids. Condensers are made by intertwining number of parallel loops in a glass shell. Curls are made in various breadths utilizing containers of various bores.

Copper tubes are fake to unique prerequisites as to dimensional resiliences, complete and tempers for use in condensers and warmth exchangers. These copper warm exchanger tubes are regularly provided in straight length in strengthened and half hard temper. The copper tubes molded by are metal businesses have the hardened resiliences as well as have the most tried and true measurements all through the tube length. The tube surface is perfect both inside and outside with no acidic stains. The copper tubes delivered by are metal enterprises are reasonable to move warm in a wide assortment of working conditions and to decline to acknowledge rot for the longest timeframe conceivable under the harshest working conditions.


A little piece of copper supply is utilized underway of mixes for nourishing supplements and fungicides in farming. Machining of copper is conceivable, despite the fact that it is normally important to utilize a combination for complicated parts to get great machinability qualities.


The electrical properties of copper are exploited in copper wires and devices such as electromagnets.