Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Manufacturer in India

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower


»A closed loop system secures the nature of the procedure liquid, diminishes framework upkeep, and gives operational adaptability at a somewhat higher starting expense.

»When choosing which framework is best for an application, a few elements ought to be considered..

Product Details

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Components

  • Cooling Tower Packing
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Motor and Fans
  • Water Distibution System
  • Air intake louvers


»Closed Circuit Cooling Tower are suitable for Thermal Power Plants. Closed Circuit cooling tower certain processes needs a closed loop, that’s why the process water for cooling does not come in make contact with the full of atmosphere air. Closed loop type cooling is minimizes process fouling.


»Our Closed Circuit Cooling System gives completely rated thermal presentation, which also by yourself verified over special types of flow and high temperature requirements. Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are high effciency and water saving.

»Water Temparature Capacity: Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are accomplished of incoming fluid temperatures as high as 180ºF (82.2ºC),