Steam Coil Air Pre Heater Manufacturers in India

Steam Coil Air Pre Heater

Product Details

We are manufacturing Steam Coil Air Pre Heater (SCAPH) , On associate degree extended surface kind device. This instrumentality is employed to heat region air to the desired method temperature by suggests that of saturated steam. Steam flows within the tube whereas air passes over the finned tubes .It is typically used for heating method air in Sugar Mills, Starch Mills, Chemical & allied Industries. SCAPH notice intensive use with every type of High capability Boilers, Recovery Boilers, Dryers etc.


  • The steam coil air preheater, conjointly better-known SCAP using, Aluminium Extruded fins and base tube. preheats the combustion air before getting into the air preheater (APH) to extend the minimum metal temperature so as to lift the typical cold  finish temperature and to forestall acid saturation point corrosion.
  • Steam coil air heating systems area unit wide utilized in industrial chamber systems, combustion systems, crude distillation plants, steam reformers and laid-off heaters for world oil, gas, and organic compound industries.
  • Heat Transfer Equipments can offer a heat system as one unit, or additional ordinarily together with associate air preheater joined package. The SCAP style may be factory-made from a spread of materials, appropriate for a large vary of temperature applications.