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Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

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Fanless Cooling Tower  ↓

The FRP/Timber Natural customary Cooling Towers called as Fanless or Fill less Cooling Towers. Since in this model no fan or fill used to cool the water.

In Timber environmental/Fan less Cooling pinnacle , regarded wooden louvers were utilized as the side mass of the Cooling Tower to limit the water spillage. What’s more, enable the outside breeze section to go inside the Cooling Tower and go about as the Cooling media. Basically says, in Fan less Cooling Towers the Hot water. It will showered in the highest point of the Cooling Tower with splash spouts. Into little beads like fogs and the beads crossed with the environmental breeze stream to get the water cooled.

A similar method utilized in FRP Fanless/Natural Draft/Fill less Cooling Towers. Rather than expensive timber louvers, FRP louvers utilized. This Fanless cooling towers are financially working Cooling Tower. Since there is no fan or electric engine, there is no colossal working. Upkeep cost engaged with this Cooling Tower. And furthermore in Energy proficiency perspective, this is the best Payback Cooling Tower when contrasting and different models.

And furthermore low clamor worked Cooling Tower. The clamors of other model cooling towers are because of Fan, Motor, Gear box and Drive shaft and its vibrations as it were. Since these models of Cooling Towers are not having Fan, engine, Gear boxes, this hardware has no inconvenience some of clamor and vibration.


steel melting plants, chemical plants


No fan is required, but higher pumping head is required. But overall power consumption will be very less than that of Fan operated towers

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