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Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

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Air Fin Cooler  ↓

The Air Fin Coolers fundamentally outlined with various lines of finned tubes in a progression of surface and required quantities of fans are utilized to move the low temperature environmental surrounding air over the finned tube curl surface keeping in mind the end goal to cool the more smoking liquid media. It’s only an expanded sort of mechanical or car radiators. The finned tube groups are measured development for simple transportation. The different kinds of headers Welded Bonnet Header, Plug Header, Manifold header, Plug and pipe header and so on.,

The different kinds of Fins are ‘L’ type Wrap-On Fins, ‘G’ type Embedded Fins and Bi-metallic Extruded Fins and so forth.,. In some little kind warmth Exchanger wire/strip compose copper injured/knurled Fins likewise utilized. Other than finned tube package and headers, Axial stream fans and drives and so forth utilized according to the Cooler necessity


petrochemical ,refinery, power and condensation plants.


Our Air Fin Coolers used for high pressure, high temperature applications in process industries with metallurgy suitable for highly corrosive fluid medias.

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