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Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

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FRP Cooling Tower  ↓

Square Shape Cooling Tower: In general the Square Shape Cooling Tower or square type cooling tower designed for alternative to round model for selection to our buyers. Hot dipped Galvanized hardware with rectangular casing body in elegant design. The Ranges are from 50 TR to 500 TR FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Tower: The Round Shape FRP Cooling Tower may call as Bottle Shape . The casing and basins are designed to withstand severe vibration, high wind load and to resist corrosion.

Hot dipped Galvanized hardware to withstand wind forces. The bottle shape makes possible to provide maximum cooling efficiency in minimum plan area with lower energy consumption. The Ranges are from 10 TR to 10000 TR.

FRP Seamless Cooling Tower We Design and Manufacture a comprehensive Seamless Cooling Tower here in India, our designing peoples concentrate much more to develop these kind of Seamless Cooling Systems as per our buyers requirement that have a single piece shell. There are no seems, panels, rivets or plenty of fasteners in this Seamless Cooling Towers and with no compromise of Quality, Competitive price and Elegant look. Contact us for more information on our Seamless Cooling Systems


FRP Cooling Tower Casing FRP Cooling Tower Fill FRP Cooling Tower Nozzles FRP Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator FRP Cooling Tower Motor FRP Cooling Tower Fan FRP Cooling Tower Energy Fans Nozzel Splash Bar PVC Fills Bottle Type FRP Container Round Type FRP Container Square Shape FRP Container Rectangular Shape FRP Container

Types: Square Type Cooling Shape
Specifications: Capacity Ranges : 50 TR 60 TR 70 TR 80 TR 90 TR 100 TR 125 TR 150 TR 200 TR 250 TR 300 TR 400 TR 500 TR 1000 TR 4000 TR 5000 TR 6000 TR 8000 TR 10000 TR 20000 TR Motor HP : From 1.0 to 20 HP Weight and Sized will be as per our standards and customer requirements.


Cooling Towers are more minimized, light in weight, slightest power utilization, enduring, Durable and most minimal upkeep consumption. Since Hot plunge stirred auxiliary and treated steel latches utilized, FRP Towers are consumption Free.


Automobile Industries, Cable Industries, Casting Units, Cement factory, Chemical Industires, Dairy Industries, Fertilizers Indusries, Food Industries, Hotels , Hospitals, Paper Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical units, Plastic Industries, Refineries, Rubber Industries, Steel Plant & Rolling Plant, Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Spinning Mills, Tyre Manufacturing units

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