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Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

Welcome to Heat Transfer Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore.

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Heat Transfer Equipment Pvt Ltd.,

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger  ↓

Materials Of Construction:Compact BPHE is constructed like a plate package of corrugated channel plates with a filler material between each plate. Our heat exchanger is Cost-effective, healthy solutions to facilitate save space, and energy across a broad range of applications.


Heat-pump Boilers Evaporators Hydraulic oil cooling District heating Thermal power stations Refrigeration Oil coolers Air conditioning Outdoor wood boilers, stoves, furnaces Domestic water heating Solar energy and chiller applications


We provide high quality Compact design Three way design for heat pumps Higher Heat Transfer High corrosion resistance Low investment costs for BPHE Simplify maintenance and repair with BPHE Versions for standard and high pressure operation

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