Plate Finned Type Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in India

Plate Finned Type Heat Exchanger

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A Plate finned heat exchanger with 6 fins/cm provides approximately 1,300 m2 of surface per m3 of volume. This heat exchanger would be approximately 10% of the volume of an equivalen shell and tube heat exchanger with 9 mm tubes.

Materials of Construction: Stainless steel casings, Copper Alloy tubes, Aluminum Fins or Foils, Copper Tubes, Carbon steel Casings


The heat exchangers are developed by vacuum brazing technology and the heat exchangers as single units or as manifolded assemblies, isothermal reactors for chemical Plants and Coil wound heat exchangers and petrochemical industry plants.


»Low weight

»High warm viability and close temperature approach.

»Expansive warmth exchange surface territory per unit volume